The 20th anniversary of the Air Battle Museum over the Ore Mountains

On Saturday 9 September 2017, we will celebrate a commemorative event marking the 73rd anniversary of the largest air battle of the Second World War over the Czech territory and 20th anniversary of the Museum dedicated to that historical event..

Kovářská in the Ore Mountains in Czech Republic will host a full-day program.

Historical Military Vehicles and Military History Clubs, Ceremony at the Monument of Fallen Airmen, Exhibition to the 20th Anniversary of the Air Battle Museum over the Ore Mountains, aircraft fly-bys, lectures, a tour of history - visit to the crash site of one of the planes shot down on September 11, 1944, competition exhibition of plastic Models, live country music, field kitchen, new exhibitions in the Museum exposition, Aviation cafe, concert in the church of St. Michael and much more.

You can also influence how this day will be a great experience for everyone. Help and above all - be there.

The great air battle which started on Midday of September 11th, 1944 over the Czech-German border resulted loss of some 60 planes on both sides - bomber formations of the 8th USAAF (100th and 95th Bomb Groups) and their fighter escort flying towards Ruhland oil refineries and the German fighters from Jagdgeschwader 4.

Author of this project, Jan Zdiarsky is one of the founding fathers of the Museum. For more than 30 years he is researching the event which took place over his hometown. Last 20 years he is also director/volunter of the Museum of Air Battle over the Ore Mountains.

The museum is focused especially to the event ehich wore in its name. The exhibition consist from wreckage of crashed aircraft (B-17G, P-51D, Bf 109G, Fw 190), historical documents, photos, personal items of lost airmen, aviation equipment, models and dioramas, etc.

In case we will be able to raise more money than is the project limit, all extra funds will be used exclusively for the Museum exhibition upgrade.